Welcome to Carlthorp School. The content of this website provides just a glimpse of our school community and the engaging families we serve. From our all-school morning assembly to our rich and varied after-school offerings, Carlthorp reaches out to its extended family in a thoughtful and meaningful way every day.

Dedicated to the academic, social, and emotional growth of children, our highly qualified faculty and staff create a nurturing environment that inspires children to become life-long learners. Rigorous academics, including foreign language, are balanced with music, art, drama, service learning, and physical education. Accelerated classes challenge the gifted, and specialists make learning fun for everyone.

Traditionally academic in approach within a warm and secure setting, Carlthorp School’s philosophy stresses our Code of Conduct and the cohesiveness of all constituents of the School’s family. Students live by the “Code,” which becomes a permanent part of their being. All children strive to do their personal best, inside school and out.

Carlthorp School graduates are prepared to face the rigors of secondary school and the challenges of life. Not only are they talented critical thinkers and speakers, they are also good citizens who are responsible, respectful, and kind.

If Carlthorp School appeals to you, please call our school office and set up an appointment to visit. A student guide will take you on a school tour you won’t forget!


Tim Kusserow
Head of School