Picture of Carlthorp School
Picture of Carlthorp School


“Promise me you’ll always remember:  you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
- A. A. Milne

Kindergarten is a magical year at Carlthorp School. From Teddy Bear Day to the Popcorn Parade, the classroom experience encourages our kindergarteners to develop both academically and socially. With an Ice Cream Social, a Mentor friend, and the help of their beloved “6th Grade Buddies,” Carlthorp School’s newest students feel warmly welcomed into our community.

Our busy kindergarteners enjoy working and playing all year long. Besides reading, writing, and mathematics, the children focus on how to be respectful, cooperative, and flexible. Kindergarteners are always excited to take home Danny Dolphin or Bubba Bear (class mascots), and they’re eager to share “News” each day during circle time, which is the first step in Carlthorp School’s well-established public speaking program.

Art, science, math, language arts, geography, music, and literature are explored thematically throughout the year. These themes include ocean life, the rainforest, gardening, the five senses, and the family. Kindergarteners also enjoy weekly violin lessons and Spanish classes.

Pumpkin Day, a Thanksgiving feast, gingerbread houses, a Peace Party for Dr. Martin Luther King, and special “Zero the Hero” visits are just a few of many things that make kindergarten a special year filled with cherished memories.