Picture of Carlthorp School
Picture of Carlthorp School

Second Grade

“The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting. . . .”
– Pierre Abelard

The highlight of second grade is Heritage Night. As part of this extended international study program, the children choose a relative to interview, then write and illustrate a “book” about their heritage. In addition, they dress a teddy bear in the national costume of their country of origin. A visit to the Zimmer Children’s Museum further enriches the curriculum. Finally, after learning songs and dances from around the world, the children perform for their families at Heritage Night, when the bears and books are on display.

In addition to the excitement about the Heritage Night social studies program, second graders continue to focus on developing academic and social skills. Art projects, Spanish, and small-group math and reading projects are a regular part of the curriculum. Students also explore public speaking skills by presenting various book reports orally throughout the year.