Picture of Carlthorp School
Picture of Carlthorp School

Sixth Grade

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
- Albert Einstein

The “big kids on campus” enjoy their “Kindergarten Buddies” and share with them many special experiences. Our sixth graders know they are role models from the first day they put on their student-designed sweatshirts (an exception to the uniform for sixth graders only!).  The September retreat to Camp Ocean Pines strengthens the ties among all the members of the senior class as they learn from a “hands-on” ocean-themed experience.

Academically, the sixth grade year continues to foster independence, refine study skills, and prepare students for the ISEE exam and secondary school in general. With a social studies curriculum that features both ancient history and international studies, by the end of the year all students will have experienced an in-depth study of the country of their choice.

Current Events evolve into “Toastmasters.” Students take turns speaking to the class on topics of their choice. These have ranged from “The History of Marvel Comics” to “A Study of M and M’s” or “Magic Tricks.”

“A Walk through Ancient History” focuses on Greece, Rome, and Egypt while, closer to home, the photo essay field trip asks student teams to create a pictorial representation that documents the hallmarks of civilization based on their observations of Los Angeles.