“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.”
-B. F. Skinner

Carlthorp School is committed to excellence across the curriculum.  In the 21st century, bridging the digital gap is a necessary requisite to ongoing educational success. Carlthorp School recognizes the importance of embracing information technology literacy as an integral component of its curriculum. The responsible use of technology is compatible with all that we believe.

Outstanding instructional delivery is directly correlated to the educator delivering it.  However, the instructional delivery also involves the tools used to deliver the instruction, in essence, the technology that is used to teach.  Carlthorp School has a rich tradition that is rooted in a rigorous academic curriculum.

That does not imply that we will be afraid of embracing new technologies—whether it be the SMARTBoard, the iPad, or the next evolution—that enable us as educators to reflect upon how we teach.  We consider issues that include the following:  What is the best way to present this material?  What is the most effective and engaging method for this generation of students to learn?  How are we preparing our students to live and function in the 21st century?

Instructional delivery—how we teach—will change over the next decade, thanks to technology.  Carlthorp School is committed to creating a work environment that empowers our outstanding educators to be innovative when it comes to their instructional delivery, especially as it relates to technology in the classroom.  The school has a seventy-six-year tradition that has helped to craft and develop an academic curriculum that is solid.  Because of that foundation, the school has the ability to be “cutting edge” and “innovative” in how best to teach its students.