Service Learning & Community Service

What Is Our Purpose?

Carlthorp School’s Code of Conduct expresses the fundamental values and ethics that are the foundation of our children’s education. Children realize that making good choices is as important as anything they will learn during the school day.

Service learning and community service allow us to take that one step further as children start to think about the world outside of school. Carlthorp has a tradition of generosity and caring for those in need, both in the local community and beyond. Children are provided opportunities for helping others and are able to process these experiences in a safe and secure environment.

How Is The Program Organized?
The goal of the program is to involve children in service learning opportunities. Some projects are grade-specific, and others invite the participation of the larger Carlthorp community.

To read more about the recent sixth grade service learning project, click here.

Opportunities for families to participate in community service are outlined in the weekly “Carlthorp News”. We encourage everyone in our community–students, parents, faculty, and administrators–to participate in these programs throughout the year.

Our students participate in these projects throughout the school year (please click on the project names below for more detailed descriptions):

For additional information, please contact Nicola Edwards at nedwards@carlthorp.org