Carlthorp's Got Talent!

Carlthorp’s Got Talent!, the school talent show took place on Friday, January 31, and one thing is clear...oh boy, does Carlthorp have talent!
This all-school production was run by the Student Council with help from music teachers, Dr. Baxani and Ms. Lin Dale.  The show was nearly two-hours long and included 53 acts with 88 students showcasing their talents in dancing, singing, improv, piano, gymnastics, joke-telling, and so much more.  

As Tim Kusserow, Head of School, stated at the start of the show, “This show is one of the highlights of the year. It doesn’t matter how much talent a student has, we like to focus on the fact that we have students taking risks, coming up to the stage and having fun.”  

“This was the best show yet,” stated a father after the show. “The students were all so happy and confident and it was so nice to see the level of support from the audience. One of my favorite acts was the 6th Grade students dancing with their K buddies. It made me so happy to watch!”