Carlthorp musicians are creative and collaborative; they master musical skills through playing, singing, and composing, and they learn how to work as an ensemble. 
Welcome to Music! Students in all grades are known for their instrumental skills. From our first days in Kindergarten, students learn to perform on an assortment of percussion instruments, including the xylophone and metallophone. By 1st Grade, students are using these instruments, as well as the recorder, to read and play from standard music notation! 2nd Graders become string aficionados on violins, and 3rd Graders can tell you all about chords on the keyboards. 4th Graders can write and play their own chord progressions, and 5th Graders can show you how to perform them on the ukulele. 6th Graders become experts on world instruments, using our growing instrument collection as well as their knowledge of the globe to describe instruments and musical styles from all corners of the world.

All students perform in grade specific musicals to showcase their abilities, from the music history intensive “Of Mice and Mozart” musical in 2nd Grade, to social study tie-ins with “Oh California” in 4th Grade and “The Great State Debate” in 5th Grade. Students learn to improvise musically and conversationally in 3 rd Grade’s, “Ode to the Code” Broadway-based musical, and 6th Grade students design their own “Battle of the Bands” to showcase their unique instrumental and vocal talents.

Our after school Chorus and Orchestra are two additional opportunities for students in 1st through 6th Grade to continue making music. These singers and instrumentalists work hard to prepare three concerts throughout the year, performing music by composers like Mozart, Beethoven, as well as George Gershwin and Guns N’ Roses!