Carlthorp School is rich with traditions. Some of these traditions are experienced by the community on a daily basis, while others are annual or semi-annual traditions. These traditions create a sense of community, pride in our school culture, and gratitude for the educational experience that is being provided to our students.
Our daily morning assembly, known as Flag Line, is a cherished part of our parents’ and students’ days. The morning begins with an all-school gathering on the sport court, where students line up by class and respectfully acknowledge birthdays of their peers, listen to morning announcements, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and reflect on a Thought of the Day. Parents are invited to attend Flag Line every morning, allowing them to support their children as they begin their days. On Mondays, 2nd graders present the Code of Conduct to the school as part of Flag Line. This morning routine captures the value that our community places on family, respect for others, and the importance of our Code of Conduct. The open campus in the morning captures the value that Carlthorp School places on parent involvement and building a sense of community.

The Thought of the Day is delivered by any member of the community who volunteers, allowing parents, students, faculty or staff to provide a moment of reflection and inspiration to the community. Not only does this tradition reinforce our sense of community and respect for others, but it also reinforces the value of public speaking and expression of one’s thoughts within a warm and safe environment.