Carlthorp School offers an optional after school program that includes a variety of clubs, taught primarily by Carlthorp teachers, that allow students of all ages to have fun, play, and experiment with new extracurricular activities. 
Most clubs end between 4:00 and 4:45 p.m. and Late Care is offered until 5:00 p.m.

A wide spectrum of programs have been offered over the past years. Clubs vary each trimester, but Homework Club, Theatre Ensemble, Chorus, and Orchestra are available year round.

In addition, as a service to parents, Late Care is provided free of charge. 

Music and Performing Arts

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  • Carlthorp Theatre Ensemble

    Theatre Ensemble is an optional extension of the Carlthorp School performing arts curriculum that is offered twice a year. Students engage in fun activities that strengthen their reading, movement, language arts, public speaking, and memorization skills, culminating in a stage production. In the Fall, the students perform a play and in the Spring the performance is a musical.  Recent performances include Honk! Jr., Will Wonka Jr., Matilda, and Busytown.
  • Chorus and Orchestra

    Our after school Chorus and Orchestra are two additional opportunities for students in 1st through 6th Grade to continue making music. These singers and instrumentalists work hard to prepare three concerts throughout the year, performing music by composers like Mozart, Beethoven, as well as George Gershwin and Guns N’ Roses!

Sports Clubs

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  • Fencing

    Students who participate in Fencing Club learn agility, balance, coordination, poise, speed, and strength. The club culminates in an optional tournament at the Los Angeles International Fencing Center.  
  • Golf

    Golfers of all levels enjoy our Golf Club and are challenged based on their ability.  Beginner golfers are taught the fundamentals of the game, while the more advanced student is challenged to fine-tune their game. This is one of the few off-campus clubs and is typically offered one or two trimesters during the year. 
  • Run Club

    Run Club is the only sports club offered before school and is open to both students and their parents.  Once a month, families interested in running gather together for a morning jog before Flagline. 
  • Super Sports

    One of our most popular clubs, Super Sports is offered to all students in 1st-6th Grades.  Students end the week (Super Sports is always on Friday afternoons) with their P.E. teachers playing some of Carlthorp's favorite P.E. games such as Scooter Hockey, Capture the Flag, Gladiator Ball, Quidditch, and much more. 

Language Clubs

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  • Latin

    Students learn the basics of the Latin language and about everyday life in ancient Rome. The club follws an ancient Roman family (including their mouse!) through their life in a Roman fort and student learn about their various traditions and myths. The knowledge acquired from the club helps students with their English vocabulary and grammar. 
  • Le Club Francais

    Le Club Francais is one of the many cultural clubs available to students after school.  This fun club provides students with the opportunity to explore France's art, food, literature, fashion, and so much more. 
  • Spanish Fun

    Spanish Fun is a club that provide students with the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills.  Students play games, watch Spanish shows, practice their Spanish speaking skills, sing, cook, and even practice for a test or receive extra help from our Spanish professors. 

General Clubs

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  • Around the World

  • Artists’ Studio

  • Chess

  • Cooking Fun!

  • Debate Team

  • Homework Club

  • Hour of Code

  • Innovation Club

  • Late Care

  • Let’s Paint

  • Robotics

  • Sketch & Draw