5th Grade Boston/Philly Trip

A unique educational expedition to Philadelphia and Boston

- Experience Philadelphia: see the Liberty Bell, climb the famous Rocky Steps, visit the Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum; walk through Elfreth’s Alley, the nation's oldest continuously inhabited residential street.
- Learn the story of the six month encampment of the Continental Army of the newly formed United States of America under the command of General George Washington at Valley Forge.
- Make a fun over-the-road stop in Springfield, MA to "play" in another kind of national history at the National Basketball Hall of Fame.
- In the Massachusetts Bay area, immerse yourself into our colonial beginnings at Plimoth Plantation, where the settlement of Plymouth colony is recreated, along with their Wampanaug Indian neighbors. In Salem, learn of how the idealized zeal of early colonists led them down a path of deadly judgements during the Salem Witch Trials. In downtown Boston, walk the Freedom Trail which connects historic sites and buildings related to our nation's progression toward Independence. In nearby Lexington and Concord, you can hear the reverberations of "the shot heard round the world."
- More than just a history tour where students listen to guides speaking, they will be involved in the process of exploration along with their teachers, through scavenger hunts and hands on activities, to make this a long memorable experience with their friends.