Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration

Sixth grade students learn about this organization in the classroom and then spend a morning with students from a special education school. Students learn to experience and accept peers with special needs as equals and learn vital lessons of compassion, awareness, and acceptance.

Below are reflections from our 6th Grade students regarding their experience at Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration.

“Every time I looked over, and saw my friends having a great time with their buddies, that was meaningful. Knowing that my buddy, as well as other buddies, were having a good time was most important to me.”

“I wish that more people got a chance like mine to see that a disability or feature doesn’t make you the person you are, but the attitude you show towards it does.”

“What surprised me most about Gerald, my buddy, is how happy he was. There he was deprived of a major advantage – he couldn’t speak. He managed to look beyond the difficulties of not being able to speak and find joy in the world.”

“I would like people to know that even if you are a little scared to come up and talk or play with someone who seems different from you, just go for it. It will pay off and you will have a fantastic time.”

“People with disabilities are people just like us and they also have feelings. One message I have to share is a quote from a book about a boy with disabilities
Wonder: Choose Kind. This means next time you see someone in a wheelchair, smile, don’t look away. It will make both of your days.”