Upward Bound House

3rd Grade students learn about hunger and homelessness and visit Family Place, a transitional housing shelter for families at Upward Bound House. This is followed by school-wide activities to raise funds for our “Adopt an Apartment” program. A number of times during the year these funds are used to purchase household items that help furnish apartments. Below are reflections from 3rd Graders about their visit to Upward Bound House.

"Now I know to not only be thankful for what I have but for where I am. Now I realize to not only think about you and your friends but also about the community."

"I'm so happy that you can provide shelter and food for homeless families. We are lucky to have establishments like Upward Bound House. I am definitely going to donate to UBH"

"Upward Bound House has helped a lot of people and I think that is very, very, very, cool! I hope they keep it up."

“I learned that the giant fridge is for keeping healthy foods fresh. I am thankful because homeless people get to live in an apartment until they get back on their feet and have money.”

“I am thankful for my home and my family, I learned there are 5,000 homeless children in L.A.”

“I am so happy to hear that the families have food, water, an apartment and other things they need. This program told me everybody deserves a home.”

“I am thankful that the homeless have somewhere to live.”

“I am very thankful that kind people actually started this very nice shelter for homeless children and adults.”

“I am thankful to have a good education and a nice home. I think Upward Bound House is a great way to get a better life.”

“People are grateful for Upward Bound House. I bet the children are also happy about going to school and their parents having a job. I like how these nice people help poor families get homes and stay healthy.”

“I am so grateful that Upward Bound House can provide basic material for homeless people. I appreciate so much that I have a home.”

“At Upward Bound House I learned that when a family moves in to an apartment they are given a stove, an oven, beds a sink and a home. They have Hidden Treasures in the garage where donations of clothes and toys go and the pantry is the place where the families get their food. We all are thankful that we have a home and that is what Upward Bound House is providing.”

“I am also thankful for all the homeless shelters which help the community”

“I learned how hard it is to be broke and that we are all alike except we have a home and they don't."

“I learned that you can't bring a pet to UBH and also that you can't have someone over unless they are a member. I would be very sad because friends could invite me over but I couldn't invite them over.”

“I am grateful for having a home and a place to sleep at night which is safe and comfortable. I am grateful that I can have play dates and dogs running around my house and that I have my own room and fish.

“Some people cannot afford to go to the store and buy food, something we do regularly and don’t even think about. Some people can’t count on having a meal at night, let alone a hot one. Some people don’t have a bed to come back to each night while our biggest worry is if we have the right outfit to match our shoes tomorrow. Our worries seem so insignificant compared to theirs.”

“The color of Upward Bound House was mainly yellow. In my opinion yellow is the symbol of happiness. Down where the cars are there were pictures of butterflies one was drooping and I thought that must be how the poor people feel.”

“I learned to always be grateful, kind, nice, honest, fair, respectful, sharing and courteous as some people are not treated as well as they should be treated and I want too make them feel better.”