Stephanie Costa

Stephanie attended the University of Delaware where she majored in Human Services and minored in Educational Studies. She began teaching the year she graduated. She then moved to New York City and began her year of service with City Year New York, which is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students and schools succeed. 
During City Year, she realized the importance of all children receiving a quality education regardless of their zip code, and that awareness made her want to work in a school serving high needs students in a low-income area. It was the following year that she began working at Success Academies in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, where in a culturally diverse K-4 elementary school she honed her craft and refined her teaching knowledge. There Stephanie was a kindergarten associate teacher, a first-grade lead teacher, a fourth-grade lead integrated co-teacher, and as a second- grade integrated co-teacher. While there, she also earned a Master of Science degree in Childhood Education and Special Education.