Students Get Active During OctoberFit

As we head into the end of October and start thinking about Halloween, a time undoubtedly filled with candy, treats, and less sleep, it is important to highlight the opportunity Carlthorp students have had throughout the month of October to learn new exercises and experience ways to care for themselves mentally and physically.
The P.E. Department, spearheaded by Molly O’Hara, implemented the OctoberFit Challenge for the fourth year in a row. This lunchtime physical fitness challenge encourages students to complete daily activities tailored to their grade level. They accomplish this by finishing an “October-themed word” in which every letter of that day’s word corresponds to a different fitness activity.

OctoberFit is a voluntary and individual activity, but in true Carlthorp form draws a large number of participants daily, with students cheering each other on as they strive to achieve their “personal best.”

This program, which will conclude at the end of October, is just one example of the many activities that the P.E. teachers have planned for the school year to motivate our students to take risks, to set goals and work to achieve them, and to be physically active in a fun and engaging way during recess and lunch!

Bravo to all the students who participated in OctoberFit.