Lunar New Year Celebration

On Friday, January 24, our students celebrated the Lunar New Year, honoring the first day of the first month of the lunisolar calendar.
Parent volunteers worked to make the day magical for our community. The theme for the celebration was martial arts and five courageous students performed their craft for the entire student body during Flag Line throughout the week leading up to January 24. Their mastery of Karate, Tai Kwon Do, and Wushu was awe inspiring.
Celebrating Lunar New Year is a longstanding Carlthorp School tradition. Our Kindergarten and 1st Graders look forward to participating in the lively Firecracker/Dragon Dance while our 2nd-6th Grade students enjoy supporting these young students with cheers and high fives. This year all students and even some faculty and staff also participated in the Ninja Warrior Challenge, testing their athletic ability through fun challenges like “Fruit Ninja,” “Mighty Mouse Muscles,” “Dragon Slayer,” “Crouching Tiger Kicks,” and “Way of the Rat”. 
We are grateful to all the CS parents, faculty, and staff who worked together to make this day so special and meaningful for our students. 
    • Parent Volunteers

    • Dragon Dance