A Special Buddy Surprise!

SURPRISE! Get ready to smile from ear to ear because the recent K/6th Grade Buddies playdate surprise will warm your hearts.
On April 24, all the Kindergarten students received an exciting gift from their 6th Grade buddies…a monster! -- These are no ordinary monsters -- these stuffed monsters were created by our 6th Graders in art class to mirror the character that the K/6th Grade buddies imagined together throughout the year.  

Since October, the 6th Graders have been working on this “Monster Project” with the Kindergarten students. The project included several parts: The reading of a story (Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty), the collaborative drawing of a unique monster character, read-alouds focused on character traits (kindness, perseverance, gratitude, bravery and empathy) and finally, a joint writing project that incorporated the physical components of the monster alongside character traits into a story. The final result: a monster character unique to every K/6th Grade buddy pair that embodies the key character traits and mirrors the original drawing. 

While the 6th Graders hoped to unveil the monsters at school as a group, instead they presented their monsters to their buddies virtually. It was a sight to see and the excitement from the Kindergarteners was incredible. Moments like these re-affirm the power of the Carlthorp School community and our connection to each other despite physical distance.