Student Council Virtually Unites the Community

There is nothing more inspiring than student leadership, and our student council has exemplified the meaning of leadership throughout our period of distance-learning.
Rather than retreat because our students are no longer on campus, the student council leaned into the challenges students were facing and maximized their unique opportunity to unite the community during a difficult time. Over the past few weeks, the student council has brought the community together through Spirit Week (the week of March 30), The Student Council Reading Challenge, and The Family Gratitude challenge. All different in nature, these activities not only provided students with meaningful activities to do in their free time, but also served as a way to unite families and students. The activities resonated in such a meaningful way that they were the inspiration for two students’ “Thoughts of the Day”. “We are all very proud of the creative ways in which the student council has brought the community together over the past few weeks. Describing the dedication of the students, Chris Lemieux, PE Teacher and Student Council Advisor stated, “I have a feeling they have a few more creative ideas up their sleeves.”