Carlthorp Family Groups Unite Students

On Friday, September 25, Carlthorp launched a new program called Family Groups.  All students in grades K-6 participated in the first meeting of a monthly activity aimed at connecting the students and faculty and staff across grade levels in a consistent and meaningful way throughout the school year. Each month Family Groups will meet virtually on Zoom and participate in themed meetings with activities and projects to be planned in advance and facilitated by 5th grade students. 

The first Family Group meeting consisted largely of ice-breaker activities that helped the students get to know one another better.  As the year progresses, Family Group activities will be action-oriented and focus on tenets of the Code of Conduct.  

“It was so nice for the students, faculty, and staff to connect with each other through Family Groups. The bonds that are developing and the consistent interactions between members of each group will help increase a sense of community and belonging, which is particularly important while we continue our distance learning program,” explains Steve Springer, Interim Head of School.