International Week Inspires Students

International Day is a long-standing Carlthorp School tri-annual celebration focused on teaching students a myriad of cultures through hands-on activities, classroom lessons, and workshops.  
This year, due to distance learning, International Day was reimagined into a weeklong event from November 16-20 that focused on Indigenous peoples around the world. In particular, the Carlthorp community learned about Indigenous peoples from six different regions -- Ojibwe (Northern Midwest and Canada), Quechua (Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador), Ainu (Japan/Russia), Maasai (Tanzania and Kenya), Sámi (Northern Norway/Sweden/Finland/Russia), and Tongva (Los Angeles Basin and Southern Channel Islands). The week consisted of classroom activities highlighting a variety of games, history, dance, music, contributions, beliefs, arts and crafts, food and recipes plus family afternoons filled with guest speakers and activities. In addition, students and faculty delivered inspirational Thoughts of the Day that honored different Indigenous peoples. Mr. Springer’s Thought of the Day can be viewed below. The week culminated in a virtual mission-based family game inspired by Indigenous peoples’ respect and reliance on nature.