CS Celebrates International Day

From the opening flag parade at Flag Line to the special end-of-day assembly, International Day was an outstanding experience for Carlthorp students as we showcased a wide variety of countries and cultures that comprise our diverse community.
Students received International Day passports at the beginning of the day and collected stamps at the numerous workshops and activity stations they attended. For lunch, our students enjoyed a tasty tour of India (chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, naan, and white basmati rice), Japan (edamame and cucumber rolls), and Russia (pirozhki with chicken and cheese). At the end of the day, each student received a special International Day pin, designed by Associate Head of School Steve Springer, featuring students holding hands around the globe. It was such a colorful and vibrant day on campus!

The essence of International Day — celebrating our families’ diverse backgrounds and experiences — is felt throughout the school year, from Thoughts of the Day about special holidays and classroom guest speakers to Spanish-language song performances, such as 5th grade’s recent rendition of “Color Esperanza.”

“So many people had a hand in putting together this amazing day for our students,” Head of School Nola-rae Cronan said. “I know our children enjoyed International Day and came away with an even greater appreciation of our world, our community, and the amazing people who make it come alive.”