Carlthorp Competes in Robotics

It was one small step for students, one giant leap for Carlthorp School.
In early December, five CS robotics teams competed in the First Lego League regional competition — a milestone achievement for the school community.

The students’ participation was made possible with the efforts of Andre Morris, Head of Innovation and Special Programs/Upper Elementary Science, who has helped to establish a competitive robotics program at Carlthorp to elevate students’ experiences on and beyond our campus.

An alumni parent at the event shared that the successful launch of robotics at Carlthorp reminded him of when Carlthorp first got computers, a move that advanced the school in numerous ways.

Back in November, six teams representing Carlthorp competed in their very first tournament. Not only did the students demonstrate their mettle and grit through critical thinking and teamwork, but Mr. Morris was honored with the coaching award in a competition featuring close to 30 teams.

“We are looking forward to many more competitions in the coming years,” Head of School Nola-rae Cronan said, “and appreciate how our teachers are always continuing to strive for excellence in support of our students.”