Hockey Tournament Generates Buzz

Throughout December, students in grades 3-6 participated in the P.E. Department’s annual Hockey Tournament on the CS Sports Court.
More than 100 students signed up to play, showcasing their teamwork, leadership skills, and sportsmanship while vying for the tournament championship.

In one particularly emblematic moment, a goalkeeper demonstrated honesty and integrity by telling a referee whose view was obstructed that an opponent’s shot should count as a goal. 

“There were numerous other touching displays like this throughout the whole tournament,” P.E. Teacher Matt Johnson shared.

Capping off the tournament was a special Students vs. Faculty/Staff exhibition game — attended by the entire school — that featured students who demonstrated outstanding leadership and kindness throughout the tournament.

The afternoon event was characterized by back-and-forth action along with spirited cheering and joyful moments of connection between students and teachers. Kudos to all of the participants on a great match — and a wonderful tournament!