Carlthorp School's Literary Magazine is Here!

We hope you enjoy The Clarion, Carlthorp School's Literary Magazine.  The magazine is a compilation of student works published by the Writing Club. Ms. Ho (3rd Grade Teacher) and Ava B. (6th Grade student and Editor-In-Chief) along with 15 other students worked hard throughout the first trimester to bring the publication to life.
Ava B. explains the magazine beautifully in her opening letter below. Please click here to read the entire publication. 

Dear Reader,

I was re-reading last year’s Clarion, when I spotted the poems written by the sixth graders. In these poems, the students described what Death, Change, and Hope looked, smelled and sounded like. This got me thinking, what would Imagination look, smell, and sound like?

I envision Imagination to smell like apples - a classic, with many different variations. I think Imagination sounds like a child’s pencil writing rapidly on a blank piece of paper, filling it with his or her thoughts, or stories about life in a made-up land, or a song from summer camp that everyone sings differently. It could even sound like someone shaking little pieces in a mason jar, banging up against the edges, changing things up. When I picture Imagination, I depict a light bulb flickering on, casting a bright light over the room, or a story book coming to life.

Everyone at Carlthorp School is imaginative, and this comes through in our newest edition of the Clarion. The talented and creative writers, illustrators, editors, typists, and teachers all helped in different ways. Imagination is a great theme for this year’s literary magazine because it is what makes Carlthorp unique and special. Your imagination brought this issue to life.

We chose the theme of Wizards for this year’s contest because wizards are the perfect example of people who can accomplish fantastical things. We read about evil wizards who were overcome by ordinary humans. We read stories about wizards who help children with their gymnastics. We read about wizards who feel inadequate until they realize that their power comes from within. All of these varied stories have lessons that teach us about every day struggles. They also reveal much about the creativity of our writers. As you read the winning pieces, you will see that there were many ways for students to apply their imagination to construct a unique piece.

From wizards to phoenixes, this magazine is one made up of a lot of hard work. We hope the stories within inspire you to imagine telling your own. Thank you to all the
Carlthorp writers who helped bring this second edition of the literary magazine to life. I hope you enjoy the Clarion!


Ava B.